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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

Little Twin Stars nail art.

I had my nails done for my 21st birthday/christmas/new year. 

They were done at GardeNails, a very homely and lovely nail salon. 

The moment I stepped in, I felt like the place was so serene due to the beautiful floral decorative theme. Loved the ambience, something which I seldom feel in nail salons.

Truth is, I have never done gelish in my life before. Many people have told me about how lasting it is, and have encouraged me to try it out. However, I have always been worried that it would take up a long time to be done.

SURPRISE! I never knew that gelish could be dried so quickly! Also, with the professional work of the lady boss, Mal, my nails were completed beyond satisfaction.

Super sweet Little Twin Stars design on each and every of my fingers. :)

I chose this design because it was really pretty and cute and matched my "kawaii" look for the day! If you girls want to look more girlie and sweet, you can try out pink base nail art manicures!

Not only did Mal tell me the nails can last for 4 weeks under good care, my cousins and friends have all encouraged me to try it because it is a lot more durable than normal nail polishes.

GUESS WHAT. I did a crazy thing. After my manicure in the morning, I went to have black pepper crab with my grandmother at night. (It was planned long before I decided to get my nails done.)

Still looks great right? At this moment, I'm still so happy rubbing my fingers over my nails because it's so smooth and shiny!


So here's the special deal for you guys! Don't have to be envious when looking at other people's pretty nails! 

Chinese New Year will be the perfect time to show off your pretty nails to your relatives and friends! :D
Despite no nail art service provided during the CNY period, other times when you guys go down to GardeNails, do get the nail art!

These are special Sha stickers from Japan which are all soooo gorgeous!
I had a hard time picking which one I wanted because all were so cute!

If you always loved Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars like me since young, it's time you finally get these cute characters on your fingernails and toenails! :)

There's also Mickey Mouse, My Melody, Christmas themes, leopard prints and many more!


Here are some pictures of super pretty manicure and pedicures!

Beautiful Christmas design!

Super cute designs!

Another version of Little Twin Stars nail art in Christmas style!

Absolutely beautiful bridal nails!

Girls should always just pamper ourselves with beautiful things that make us feel good! 

So why not get a gorgeous manicure at GardeNails

It's worth it, I promise you guys! I'm even planning to go back and pamper myself with these pretty nails once or twice every two months! Even the bridal nails look so good, I might consider that for my wedding next time! :)

Bring a friend along for a mani & pedi! Hope to bump into you guys there too.

Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! <3


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