Ctrl+Z. Ctrl+Me.

"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.


where the smiles are warmer,
where the hearts are stronger,
where the mind feels calmer,
dream on little dreamer.


Everyone always have in mind what type of person they would like to be with.
I suppose that's where the term "dream guy" and "dream girl" comes in.
As I am obviously a girl, this post will be written in the perspective of a female.

There are usually an ideal or template set in our minds; about what type of person we want to be with. My dream guy has to be someone who has nice hair, dresses well, speaks well, drives a nice car, and treats me like a princess.

Well, I suppose if we were all going to sit down and daydream about a dream guy, our "fantasies" are unlimited. Some girls dream about marrying a rich man and becoming a tai-tai (rich homemaker), while some girls want to feel security and stability from a man who looks like their favourite good-looking singer. Of course, it is not always restricted to looks and wealth.

Most importantly, if you ever meet someone who fits the description of the dream guy in reality, what would you do?

I have felt it before, the heart racing, nervousness, and sudden social awkwardness which I hardly ever encounter. The feeling is ultimately a good feeling, and sometimes I feel insignificant because I'm probably way out of his league. The feeling of admiration, I must say. 

But where do we draw the line between a dream guy and a guy who is ideal for you?

The dream guy is someone you would like to be with, however, that's on superficial level and probably a template built on television shows or social media. I mean, to me someone similar to Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be perfect for me. That constructs the image of the dream guy for me. 

The ideal guy would be someone who loves you at mutual level or loves you more. Well, as a girl, I would say security is super important. No girl would feel good or willing to be in a relationship if she does not feel secure or trust.

Guys are more likely to cheat on girls than vice versa. I know this is terrible to say as a girl, but I personally admit that girls are the weaker gender. If a guy fools around, he merely has his fun, adored, treated like an idol. If a girl fools around, she would be judged, looked down upon, belittled, and might even get pregnant. Truth.

In this harsh and cruel world, we cannot rely on this dream guy because it will merely pass by as an infatuation or fantasy. Building castles in the air would not make us any happier, or will it? If that ideal guy does not come around and make you feel secure, would you just give up on love and continue living on the dream of finding your dream guy as a true love?

On the other hand, with the image of the dream guy in your head, an ideal guy comes along, promising you love, security and everything he can give. Would you take it? 

If he treats you like someone he has never loved so much before, would you accept him even though he does not make your heart race or get you excited, as compared to the dream guy?

Sometimes, thinking too much confuses me.

Perhaps the person I really need by my side has to be someone who pays attention to me, my emotions, my needs, and my sense of security. 
Reassurance; maybe that's what I need, maybe that's what draws the line.



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