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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

if I'd seen you in the bakery.

You learned to run from what you feel, and that's why you have nightmares. To deny is to invite madness. To accept is to control.

- Megan Chance


The plan to meet;
a plan that sounded too good to be true.
It was exciting in a scary way.
It was going to be an adventure.

In an alternate universe.

She sat by the lake,
thinking back about what she missed out in life,
thinking about how she could right the wrongs,
thinking about how life could be different.

She sat by the lake alone,
wearing her party hat,
throwing rocks into the lake,
wondering what could be on the other side.

She sat by the lake feeling down,
thinking about how the day could have gone better,
thinking about how the year could have gone better,
thinking about how her life could have gone better.

She sat by the lake in disdain,
she loved the lake, but she hated life.
She was stagnant, she wanted to make a change but couldn't.
She was dying to get into the water and to swim across.

She sat by the lake,
staring across the lake.
There, sitting at the other side of the lake,
she spotted him.

She sat by the lake on her own,
wondering what he could be doing on the other side.
He was also sitting alone, throwing rocks into the lake.
She wanted to know what was on his mind.

She sat by the lake with a little interest,
interested to know if he would want to know what's on her mind too.
She was a little afraid, yet a little excited.
She would make her move.

She walked around the lake,
she walked towards him,
she sat down next to him,
she talked to him.

He and she sat by the lake,
talking about everything,
talking about what was on his mind,
talking about what was on her mind.

He and she sat by the lake alone,
just the two of them,
enjoying the moment of sharing,
and the moment of aloneness.

He and she sat by the lake,
throwing rocks together,
teaching each other new methods of throwing,
figuring out the best way to throw the rocks.

He and she sat by the lake happily,
enjoying themselves,
enjoying what they shared,
enjoying every single moment.

He and she stood up and walked around the lake.
They were holding hands,
walking around the lake in circles,
throwing rocks in the lake.

He and she were walking around the lake,
enjoying the moments they had together,
hand in hand, the other hand full of rocks,
the rocks were disappearing as they threw them into the lake together.

He and she were walking around the lake,
they have walked, round after round.
The slow strolls were never ending,
but every second was not to waste.

He and she stopped walking,
sat down for a rest,
stopped throwing rocks,
and to think about everything they have just been through.

He and she looked into the lake,
giving their biggest smile,
they saw an elderly couple,
smiling with genuine happiness.

He and she looked at each other,
they noticed how their hair have greyed,
and the wrinkles were creasing with each smile,
it didn't seem to matter.

He and she sat by the lake,
still holding hands,
enjoying the moment together,
thinking about every round they walked together.

He and she sat by the lake,
she leaned against his shoulder,
he leaned against her,
without a single regret.

There was no definite plan to meet;
they could have not met 
if one of them didn't do something about it.
But it happened.

In this reality

He met her,
and she met him.
It happened,
and it wasn't about luck.

He smiled at her,
and she smiled at him.
They were happy together
for a lifetime.



you probably wouldn't have seen me.


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