Ctrl+Z. Ctrl+Me.

"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

all on her own, no one will come.

"And when the day is done
I will follow you into the sun."

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


And it felt like the control was gone,
a battle that has never once been won.

Succumbing to the next alternative - repression.
It was only so long until it was time for the big confession.

Never was it once easy to express feelings hidden within.
Never was it once easy to get over what it could have been.

What more was there to say -
The conversations remained the same each day.

It was as if the mind flat-lined for a few minutes.
An outburst from trying too hard to oversee the self-defeats.

Bottled up and stuck at the neck,
there was never a turning back.

What was done was done,
the end of the world alongside the setting sun.

Goodbye to the years of having no fun.
There was nothing to undo what was done.

Goodbye to being alive and kicking.
A chaotic world of madness, irrationality, and politicking.

At least you're where you are right now.
I'll join you there after the finale where I take a bow.


I'll be there as soon as I can.
I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before.

Sweet little baby, wait for me.
I'll join you on the other side soon.



she tells him "ooh love.
no one's ever gonna hurt you, love.
i'm gonna give you all my love.
nobody matters like you."
she tells him "your life ain't gonna be nothing like my life.
you're gonna grow up and have a good life.
i'm gonna do what i've got to do."

she just wants a life for her baby.
all on her own, no one will come.
she's got to save him.



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