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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

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Food for thought,
mind so easily bought.
All you want is to belong,
Come to me when hope is gone.


Hello fellow readers and dear friends. 

I have been trying to keep myself really occupied during the time after my exams so that foolish thoughts won't flood my mind. 

Been to Clarke Quay and Holland V quite a few times to try and get all the thoughts off my mind.

"People who drink to down their sorrow should be told that sorrow knows how to swim"
- Ann Landers

It never worked, it made me feel worse.

For those who have been the unfortunate victim of my rantings and I have vented frustration relentlessly on you, I apologise.

I have decided to stop being narcissistic because it gets me no where and I really am not as awesome or pretty as I think I am. 

Let me not be someone all of you can accept as just another girl in this society, but someone who isn't afraid to tell people what harbours deep down in the heart.

I am a lot more intelligent than most of you think I am. Unsure of how many times I have been labelled a "bimbo", I am pretty sure I am better than that. And I am even more sure that I am not being narcissistic here.

People are all words and no actions, have you considered that the actual phrase should be 
people are all words and not enough thought?

Here are my thoughts:

As much as we complain about this community, society and this life of ours, we still move on and have no choice but to live with it.

How many times have we heard people use vulgarities on life, swearing at every single mistake, or misfortune? We still move on and have no choice but to live with it.

This is our life, we can't do anything about it, we accept it and adapt to it.

For those who believe in a spiritual being watching over us, they will say that this is all pre-planned and this is the path assigned to them. 

Some tell themselves "if it's meant to be like this, it's meant to be like this".

Even a song was written and entitled "Que Sera, Sera", which direct translation would mean "Whatever will be, will be"

I am someone with no religion, and I question everything around me all the time. For those who know me or have read my earlier posts from my wordpress, I am someone who likes to debate about everything because I don't believe in anything.

To me, seeing is believing. I will not accept any form of arguments about the existence of ghosts, extra terrestrial and divine beings until I have first hand experience. 

To me, the paths of our lives are constructed as it comes to us. No path is written, and what happens next is purely due to our decisions.

Free will.

This has been a topic of debate among me and a couple of friends of mine. Initiated by a good friend of mine, I went around asking for opinions and exploring the perspective of others.

Do you believe in free will?

Yes and No. But why?

Free will can be defined as the ability to make a rational decision from a variety of choices.

I'm pretty sure that you guys have heard of the trolley/train story?

A trolley/train is moving at a fast speed on the track towards 5 people held captive and tied onto the track. It is impossible for the train to stop in time, and that would mean that the 5 people would be killed by the oncoming train.

Scenario 1:
You have a choice of switching the path of the train onto another track whereby a little boy is playing there unknowingly.

If you do this, the train will hit the little boy, killing one instead of five.

Scenario 2:
You have a choice of pushing the fat man in front of you onto the track to stop the train from killing the five people.

If you do this, the train will kill the fat man instantly, and similar to the previous scenario, one dies instead of five. 
But in this case, you push a human being to his death instead of toggling with the track switcher which results in a young human being's death.

Oh well, we heard that story way too many times. It challenges your thinking and that's exactly the issue about free will.

Free will has been widely discussed not only by philosophers in depth, but we often tell this same story to our friends and debate about the best decision.

Something to think about:
Is free will a moral responsibility?

A friend of mine once gave me an example and asked me if free will existed.

He said:
Imagine your grandmother is in need of medical aid and a thousand dollars is required. You do not have that money and your grandmother only has one day left. If the only thing you can do is to sell drugs and get the cash immediately after the job is done. Would you do it?

Well, most of us who love our grandmothers would do just that, so that we can save her. 
If you asked me, I would too. 

But selling drugs is wrong, illegal and holds a death penalty. Would I risk the chance of getting caught?

And then I thought to myself, selling drugs is too easy isn't it. I think lots of people might have done stuff like that without getting caught? (This is just an assumption and a personal view.)

What if I changed the selling of drugs into something more serious? 
For instance, the assassination of another person.

Now that's serious. A human body is definitely bigger and more obvious than a pack of drugs. 
So now that I have changed the scenario, would you do it? Kill someone to save your grandmother's life? Bear in mind that killing someone is also illegal and holds a death penalty, with a higher chance of getting caught.

I have used this example and posed the same question to a couple of my other friends. All of them told me that they would sell the drugs without thinking so that they can save their grandmother.

As for the murder of another person, many were holding back, unprepared to take another person's life. Because we were brought up in this society knowing that it is wrong to kill.

Another friend of mine said he wouldn't save his grandma, even if it were just selling drugs.
Because it was morally wrong to do all this just to save her, and she would not have wanted him to do that through such means as well.

Fair enough, all the answers made sense.

More importantly, why did I put the example here and ask so many questions?

Human beings these days do not think enough. They do not ask enough questions and think hard enough. We often just make decisions which is what most people in the community or society would do. When is the day we can all have a mind of our own.

Free will is the personal decision of an individual. A decision made purely by an individual. 
However, it does not refer to a decision that is controlled by society's perspective. 
It should be what we feel is right.

I'm no professional at this and I definitely am not giving any advice. But if you have read my previous post about my views on suicide, the key words are personal choice
That's what free will is about. 

Our brains are here for a reason, remember that.



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