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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

advice that girls will never take.


Little bit rough
Little bit tough
Little bit bluff
Is that enough?


Each and every human has a cauldron of water inside of them. 

The thickness of the cauldron signifies the threshold of patience. The amount of water in the cauldron determines how much the person is carrying in them, in terms of problems, issues and anything that could stir the slightest bit of emotion in them.

When resentment, dread and anger builds up, the water begins to boil at a gradually increasing temperature. The more anger, the faster the water boils in that cauldron.

Heard of the phrase "anger boiling up inside"? That's exactly it. 

When something makes us very upset or angry, the cauldron within us begins to get heated up. Just like how we would be literally heated when we're angry. The feeling of stuffiness, suffocation and sweat dripping off our forehead, that describes a person getting "heated up", no?

I would go on and talk about smoke coming out of the ears after being heated up, but I shan't.

What I ultimately wanted to say after this entire metaphor of the cauldron is that, at the end of the day, if we can't control emotions, at least control what issues we should be feeling troubled over.

Females are naturally rather emotional, in comparison with males. Not stereotyping, but there is at least some truth in that. Please do not forget the fact that I am a very highly egoistic female.

Or at least, females display emotions in more obvious ways than males. I mean, you don't see guys crying at the side of the streets because they failed to submit an assignment on time, or something along that line.

What matters is this.
How can we control what makes us feel so emotional?

The problem that concerns us, human beings, the most, would none other be this thing called Love.

Not trying to be offensive in any way, to those living or dead. But here's a questions for all of you.
How often do you find people committing suicide over things like friendship, family and studies?

It's usually about heartbreak, out of love, loneliness and so on. It's mostly related to love. The tabloids usually try to make it sound better by saying it might be studies-related or something. But the thing that ultimately kills us the most from within is love.

Using the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs once again, the need for love and sense of belonging. That's a lot more important than what most of us perceive it as.

"I can live without love"
"I can live without getting married"
"I can be independent"
"I don't need anyone to be by my side"

Try saying these out. And try believing yourself when you say these out.

But here's the irony. My advice to all of you out there is something you will not ever take.

There is no need to love.

I always felt that there is no need to be in love, no need to be troubled by love.
Yet, every single time, I myself fall into that four-letter trap.

Please allow me to explain myself, while I'm convincing myself to take my own advice at the same time.

Love, is not important.
Love, is not essential to our survival.

A thing like love only adds more woes into our already troubled minds.
(Please note that it's mind and not heart)

Girls, why do you want to make yourself better for guys out there?
Is there a need to improve on yourself for that guy that has caught your eye?
Is he doing it back for you?
How much change are you adding to yourself?
Doesn't that make you not you any more?
Is he at least changing the same for you?
Why the hell are you complaining that "he changed" after you wanted him to change for you in the first place?

Girls, is there a need to be protective of that guy?
Is there a need to be worried that other girls (or guys) might catch his attention?
If you mean so much to him, why would he ever lose interest in you?
Is there really a need to improve on your appearance, change your personality and all to suit him?

Girls are genuinely big lovers, they can love with all their heart and do sweet things for their guys. But are their guys doing the same for them?
Why are the girls always feeling protective and insecure over their guys?
Does this mean that their guys are not making them feel secure enough?
Why is it that the girls don't feel secure enough if the guy fell for them in the first place instead of others?
Why do girls have to do things to try and keep their guys by their side?

If he likes you, he won't turn for one second to look at another girl or talk about another girl in that special way he does to you.

I don't understand how guys who are attached can sit around discussing about boobs, including boobs of their own girlfriends and boobs of porn stars. I don't understand how attached guys can discuss sex-related topics with other girls who are not their girlfriend.

Wait, that's normal right? But is that acceptable?

Why should a girl worry about all these when technically she should be able to capture his attention and somehow stop her guy from talking about such things?

Why should a girl let all these trouble her?

Why should the guy make his girl feel like that?

I have so many questions, yet no definite answer. There is no perfect relationship, because fairy tales obviously do not exist and the male species will always have an existing issue of hormones.

My advice stays the same.

There is no need to love.

There is no need to do anything extra for that special guy, or any guy.

At the end of the day, if someone really likes you, he will always try to put himself in the shoes of you. He will understand that if there is any change in either of you, it should be for the better, at the same time, not losing the spark. He should understand that you should not be facing insecurities on your own and he will be there to help you eradicate them. He will try to make every thing special for you, from the beginning, and never change that special feeling.

But the spark eventually extinguishes.
How can one reignite it?



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