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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

it's never or now.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


And so she sat by the windowsill, 
fighting with herself, 
just trying to break into a smile. 

 She stared down at her legs. 
Pathetic, she thought. Simply pathetic

 Her skinny thighs and knobbly knees were nothing but disgusting to her. 
 They made her weak. 
Every time she tried to stand, 
she would feel jelly in her legs and fall back down. 

The smell of the room was stale, 
and she was sick of staying in there, 
sick of sitting on that chair. 

Shaking her head in disappointment, 
she turned the wheel, 
and started to move away from the window. 

She heard a familiar tune. 
Pleasant bells sounds and a familiar poem. 

I scream.
Her eyes got wide. 
She rolled slowly back towards the window. 

You scream. 
 She gripped the handles shakily, 
determination setting in. 

We scream for 
Her grip is tighter now, 
and her muscles began to hurt
as she slowly pushed herself up. 

She yelled,
 waving frantically at the neighbourhood friendly van. 

She finally stood up. 
For the first time, 
she finally did it all on her own. 

 She watched as her sister ran out to buy a cone and run back in. 
Hearing the clumsy footsteps up the stairs, 
she waited in anticipation. 

Would that cone be for her? 
 Would it be her favourite flavour? 
Would it have sprinkles? 
Would it have chocolate bits? 

 It was a simple vanilla cone. 
 As her sister passed her the cone, 
she smiled, and took a lick. 

Her sister smiled back and began to walk out of the room. 
She stopped for awhile and turned back. 
Giving a warm smile, she said, 

Happy birthday.




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