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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

take me back to the start.

"Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will know everything there is to be known."


Wearing a little princess dress, she runs up to mummy to receive her birthday gift.

To her disappointment, she not only got a scolding from her mother for having her neatly combed hair in a mess, all she got was a bubble bottle.

A bubble bottle, a little turquoise-coloured bottle, with sparkly words written on it.

Taking a huge deep breath, she began to blow bubbles.

The bubbles were beautiful, they looked colourful. They looked magical like little spheres of rainbows. She could not stop, she just wanted to finish the bottle and let the bubbles float away in the endless sky.

As she watched the bubbles float away with each blow, she imagined castles in the air. She thought about fairytales she spent hours watching, how magical they felt.

With the last blow, she placed the bottle neatly beside her shoes, and she ran off after the bubbles barefooted.

Stories about fairytales did not matter to her any longer, the magical feeling came as she poked the bubbles with her pink coloured nails.

The feeling faded away as she ran back to her shoes, picked up the empty bottle and ran to the nearest sink.

She rinsed it thoroughly, and filled it to the middle with water.

She placed the half filled bottle on her windowsill in her room with a sunflower in it.



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