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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

sleep comes at dawn.

I realise now that I wanted to disappear. To get so lost that nobody ever found me. To go so far away that I'd never be able to make my way home again. But I have no idea why.

- Jessica Warman, Between.


The night was young,
but the sky was dark.
The room was dark,
except minimal moon rays.
The bottle sat in the middle of the room,
it was glowing.
The bottle was filled with fireflies,
the fireflies made the bottle illuminate.
The glowing bottle lit up the dark room,
the was brighter for awhile.
The fireflies were struggling to survive in the bottle,
with little air to breathe.
The fireflies flying into one another,
in the fight for survival.
The room continued to remain lit up,
from the glowing bottle.
From afar,
the room look lovely.
From afar,
the bottle looked lovely.
From afar,
no one could see the fireflies struggling to survive.
From afar,
no one could tell that the fireflies were dying off one by one.
The light from the bottle began to die off,
slowly but surely.
Open the lid,
the fireflies would fly away.
The bottle would no longer be lit up,
the room may no longer be lit up.
Open the lid,
the fireflies might spread around the room.
The bottle would no longer be lit up,
but the room would still glow.
Illumination that would last longer than in the bottle,
yet more widespread and beautiful.
Illumination that would spread around the entire room,
with happier fireflies.


Disappear, she says. I love that word.
- Will Christopher Baer.



after dancing through a maze of right and wrong.
but who knows the answer.


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