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"Just living is not enough", said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
— Hans Christian Andersen.

all we do is drive.

"The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain."
- Karl Marx.


The world is in a frenzy.
The room is spinning.
The heart stops.
The eyes shut.

It all somehow added up. The disappearance of naivety as the answers all seem to point to one end point. A life, as a whole, became a whirl. It became a mess.


To this ket, life is explained with a Pepsi bottle theory*.

The existence of life began to cease -
It felt like a 2-litre bottle of Pepsi.

The birth of life begins as the Pepsi bottle is placed on the shelf of a supermarket. Every bottle is equal - filled with almost the same amount of Pepsi. Sometimes there is a little more, sometimes there is a little less. Not every bottle is perfect; made as close to perfection as possible. It all depended on the person taking it off the shelf and checking it out at the counter - some like it with more gas, some like it with less gas, some don't like it at all; some like its size for its just right, some like it in a smaller bottle, some prefer in a larger bottle. Either way, the supermarkets are filled with Pepsi bottles, only.

Every bottle is picked off the shelf is same same, but different. It was all Pepsi anyway.

Subjectivity suddenly seemed like a fun word to play with.

Somehow, someday, someone gets thirsty. Someone picks the Pepsi bottle off the shelf. Perhaps someone likes Pepsi, a lot. Perhaps someone does not like Pepsi, but does not have any option. Perhaps someone may get the Pepsi anyway but throw it away, or waste it. Perhaps someone just wants to have Pepsi for fun.

Regardless of reason*, the life of the Pepsi bottle begins as soon as it is checked out by the supermarket cashier and into the environmentally-friendly carrier brought by that someone.
*Note: No idea why this is necessary, do I need a reason for this? In answering my own question and giving you a reason why I put a star on the word reason, it is because reasons are usually just excuses made out of words; You don't ever need an actual reason to drink Pepsi, do you?

Safely driving the Pepsi bottle home, it is welcomed into life. Or, it may have been carelessly forgotten about; Or, even smacked in the face and fallen to the ground. Who knows, anything can happen to the Pepsi bottle as soon as it is off the shelf and out of the supermarket. The treatment the Pepsi bottle gets is dependent on the someone who grabs it off the shelf.

Serving it's purpose in life as not being an ornament, the life expectancy of the Pepsi bottle is fixed. Pretty much repeating what I just said in the previous sentence, and summarising the life of the Pepsi bottle, the life of a Pepsi bottle is finite.

There is always the day where the Pepsi bottle runs out of Pepsi, and the person who buys it should have expected that coming.

The Pepsi in the Pepsi bottle is delicious - a delicate delicacy filled with temptation and thirst-quenching abilities.

It is always a choice as to how the Pepsi is used.
Of course, there are no other drinks in the world; under this hypothetical situation of Pepsi and life.

Each drop of Pepsi is eagerly consumed by the anxious ones, wanting to speed up life and move forward to a point where there is no Pepsi left. Pepsi seems to be too horrible at the start, and it is somehow assumed that consuming it at a faster could perhaps be better - less naivety and more exposure to the distinctness and irrational appreciation of the drink. At that point, is it too late to regret not cherishing the Pepsi and drinking it at a slower rate?

Each drop of Pepsi is slowly consumed by the contented ones, enjoying every mouthful of savoury goodness. Or, at least trying to - not everyone is able to be that contented with having Pepsi all the way till the last drop. At that point, is it happiness being felt upon tasting the final bit of the bottle before it goes empty?

Each drop of Pepsi is highly craved by the ones with huge appetites, feeling the need to have more than the 2-litre Pepsi bottle can hold. As if chasing the setting sun, each drop of Pepsi is longed for so passionately even until nothing remains in the bottle. At that point, is the desire for it prolonged to the extent of engulfing pain and excruciating regret?

Each drop of Pepsi is cherished greatly by the ones who are huge fans of the drink, worshiping each sip and preserving the remaining volume with great adoration by holding dearly to the bottle until there is not much of a choice but to hug the empty bottle as the last drops of Pepsi enters the mouth. At that point, is it admirable as to how the Pepsi and the bottle are treated by the admirers of Pepsi?

Either way, the life of the Pepsi in the Pepsi bottle is finite. There is an end to the satisfaction - regardless of the extent of it - derived from drinking the Pepsi. There is a day where the Pepsi bottle becomes empty and there is no other solution except for acceptance. There are days where the Pepsi bottle of others are dry first, and there is also no other solution except for acceptance. There are days where the Pepsi bottle does not have Pepsi in it anymore. Zero Pepsi, not to be mistaken as Pepsi Zero, the one without sugar. Nothing. Empty. Zilch. Zero. It runs out. It finishes. And there is no more Pepsi.
Of course, repetition emphasises the importance of how the Pepsi in the Pepsi bottle significantly decreases. Infinite Pepsi is not possible, as I have mentioned for the Nth time.

Everybody has that one chance at getting that one bottle of Pepsi. What would you do with your bottle?

*Note: This is neither product placement nor meant to mean anything detrimental.
Pepsi was selected as it was a preferred beverage over the rest.
It's sole purpose here is as a metaphor to express inner thoughts.

Please don't sue me, Pepsi. I still want to have money to buy you and drink you. 

** Additional Note: Of course, if someone has used a similar theory or conceived an exact concept of this Pepsi Bottle Theory, I do not refute the invention and exclusiveness of that person and his/her theory, I will applaud and devote my attention to composing a more creative metaphorical example in future; I will also read up on copyrights and do my research on the theories I think about, and I will choose to blame it on my lack of creativity and my slow typing in having this posted. For further comments, please do hesitate to email thinklesswritemore@gmail.com. If the link does not work, be patient and try this, or type it out manually since you are so eager to email me. Please believe me that it exists. Hate/Spam mail not accepted, thank you very much. Please give me some credit for my courtesy, and not annoy me.


"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering."

Entertaining the thought about the Pepsi bottle theory, it is without doubt that the ket would have herself considered the life expectancy of her own Pepsi bottle.

Regret is perhaps innate; the feeling of regret born upon the first contact of the hand and the Pepsi bottle. So does that make the first interaction of crucial importance?

The Pepsi bottle is placed there, on those shelves. They are all sitting on the shelves waiting for to be taken of the shelf, brought home, and consumed in whichever way perceived to be best. So who is to make a judgment on which is the best way to drink Pepsi?

Every sip, every drop, every mouthful, and every gulp of Pepsi only leads to one conclusion - an empty bottle. Regardless of cherishing it, trying to grab it from others, attempting to control the amount, or limiting the amount of pleasure derived from it, the Pepsi bottle empties out eventually. So does it really matter how the Pepsi is being treated?

The existence of Pepsi is undeniably fantastic, but the inevitable emptiness of the Pepsi bottle upon the completion of its capacity always seems to be the hardest to accept. The empty bottle is not a socially-accepted object, in some sense. Word of advice: Don't chug it, it gets empty a lot faster. So does it really hold much worth that the finite value of the drink is within every individual's hands and the way they choose to manage their own bottle because each and every move is somehow scrutinised and contemplated?


What is being portrayed in that expression is simply this one question:

Sitting down to enjoy a cup of Pepsi a day, is that considered depletion of resources - or rather, more directly,
is that consider to be a waste of life?

Maybe there is an answer, just maybe.
Maybe there is no answer, at all.

Maybe there is enjoyment, and human beings can get contented with what they have regardless of the size of their Pepsi bottles and how they were taught or advised to drink it.

Maybe there is pain, with each and every mouthful being consumed until the final drop and there is nothing left but emptiness.

Maybe there is emptiness, induced from the start, the regret of even having to acknowledge the painful existence of the Pepsi bottle and defenselessly drink it - drop by drop, mouthful by mouthful, and each with compounding regret.

Maybe there is not even a need for anyone to read this post, especially till this point. Simply put, what's the point?

The bottle is going to be empty anyway. You should be spending time with your own bottle of Pepsi instead of reading this post.
Get out of here and cherish life after you're done with this meaningful read. ?!?!

Or perhaps, enjoy the pain and waste away each drop like it means nothing. Is that why people hoard items?

Pepsi is a treasure of essential significance - every last drop is like every last breath. A choice to painfully hold on to it, drinking each mouth slowly and forcing oneself to make good use of the remainder of the Pepsi bottle, does that not merely prolong the torture with the knowledge that the Pepsi is going to run out someday.


So there is a small bit of Pepsi left in the bottle, the ket holds on to it, refusing to finish it nor throw it away. The ket hoards it, maximising the pain coming from it, feeling helpless about the almost-empty bottle in front of her. The ket hoards it, knowing that there is no way to run away from the fact that the bottle is going to be empty soon. The ket hoards it, fearfully resigning to fate that the Pepsi bottle is fated to be empty in the end. The ket hoards it, suddenly acknowledging the miraculous presence of fate, and still lacking the motivation to throw the bottle away once it is empty. For sure, it wasn't the lack of motivation to throw it away, everything is far too sentimental to be thrown away.  So why throw away anything at all? The ket hoards everything, hoping that everything would come back to live if it isn't thrown away. The ket hoards everything, wishing that things could somehow turn out differently, if everything is still kept almost-empty but not fully empty.

The ket hoards everything - painfully enjoyable yet blissfully resigning to the fate that awaits its remaining four lives. How many more times does the ket have to die to cherish life as it is and not perceive it as a torturous series of events?


I'm the violence in the pouring rain.

Come and fade me.
I'm a hurricane.



all we do is think about the feelings that we hide.
all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign -
sick and full of pride.
all we do is drive.


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